Exit from starvation

The benefits of starvation are difficult to overestimate, especially if it was the most correct.

Today we will analyze the question of how to properly get out of short-term (1-3 days) fasting, depending on why you are starving.

Hunger for health

Starvation starts the most important process of autophagy, that is, getting rid of cells from everything superfluous. Also, during starvation, gastrointestinal cells are renewed.

The best way out of such starvation would be a good broth on the bones. It has a lot of nutrients, but most importantly, it contains a lot of collagen, which will help the intestines and esophagus to fully recover.

Fasting for weight loss

If you are starving in order to lose a kilogram or two, then it will be best to drink 15 grams of oil (MCT or coconut is best). The oil will start in the gastrointestinal tract, but by inertia you will still burn your own fat, as the oil will burn quickly.

Fasting to gain muscle mass

And there is such a starvation! The fact is that starvation greatly increases the level of growth hormone, and any athlete will tell you that this is the most important hormone for gaining muscle mass. With such starvation, it is best to eat vegetables and some source of protein (but not very heavy).

Carbohydrates in vegetables will cause a small release of insulin and the protein will easily get into the muscle tissue.