Keto and depression

Usually keto strongly "equalizes" mood. The absence of sugar spikes makes us calmer, and the extra pounds are happy, but there is one nuance.

This nuance is tryptophan. An important amino acid that helps one of the hormones of happiness (serotonin) to be produced, as well as affects the quality of sleep. Tryptophan needs insulin to get into the brain and start all these positive processes.

But, as we remember, on keto insulin is not that much - it is almost absent. Therefore, if you feel that the mood is not very, although there seems to be no reason, and even with sleep problems began, then we have as many as three solutions:

Eat 15-20 grams of carbohydrates in the evening, they will be enough for tryptophan to crawl to the brain and make us happy.

Again, eat a little yogurt (sour cream, kefir) in the evening, it will also cause insulin release, but will not affect the norm of carbohydrates.

Just add the MCT. There is research that proves that MCT helps tryptophan get to the brain. I hope that it was not bought by the manufacturers of MCT, and that too much of this oil has accumulated positive properties

In general, sometimes insulin is useful, the main thing is that we know how easy and comfortable to work with it.